What is the Enlightened Body System ?

The Enlightened Body System is a potent 6 week Group Healing and Embodiment Experience. 
This 3- part process awakens dormant potential and activates cellular intelligence, releases trauma from the system to clear the energetic root cause and connects you with your higher self so you can make the vision you have for your health and life a reality.

 This process merges both the cognitive and emotional, the scientific and spiritual, the subtle and the material.  Throughout this process you receive embodied wisdom, not just knowledge or understanding, but a fully integrated experience of deep healing and soul awakening where all aspects of yourself are upgraded to create unparalleled growth and radical self-healing.

Enlightened Body System

6 Week Immersion

This 6 week immersion is for a small intimate group of committed women & men, just like you, who are ripe and ready for radical transformation.  You are guided through a group healing and embodiment experience focused on mastering your inner world (mind-emotions-spirit) and mastering your outer world (physical health and daily rituals).

We meet twice a week for 6 weeks - one session dedictated to Inner Mastery and one session dedicated to Outer Mastery.

Creating an Enlightened Body is about activating your quantum field of healing, your cellular memory of health, beyond DNA, as well as reprogramming the subconscious mind and aligning your physical body so you are claiming sovereignty over your life and health.  

This is a time-tested, proven process combining ancient wisdom with modern holistic science that becomes amplified by the community of individuals that join forces in this group.  

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Healing as an initiatory process of the soul...

The wound is where the light enters...
Have you been cracked open?

Sometimes when we are given a dreadful diagnosis, are in physical or emotional pain, relationships are falling apart or something in life just isn’t working and we feel stuck... we are cracked open and forced to face the mysteries of life.

Illness is NOT an indicator that something
is broken inside of you.

At the precupice of every big breakthrough is an initiatory gateway of your soul, calling you into who you must become in order to heal and thrive.

When I look back on my journey I realize my wounds have been the greatest gifts.  The physical pain that I've endured has propelled me into my spiritual awakening where I am able to serve others to a higher degree.

Healing, for people like us, transcends micromanaging symptoms and becomes a soul initiation process.

Are you an Initiate?

In order for your body to heal, the context of you your life has to heal.

This process is about embodying your wholeness so that illness no longer takes over your life and you can BE who you are here to BE and live out your soul's greatest expression.

The best way I've found to help people do that is through this 3 phase inner mastery process: 


AWAKEN higher order and activate cellular intelligence.

CLEAR the trauma and beliefs that get in the way of your cells knowing your true nature.

CONNECT with your higher self and life from that place to integrate and embody your greatest potential.

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