Activate Your Health +
Heal Into Wholeness


A 3 Day Event for Healers,

Holistic Practitioners & Health Enthusiasts

December 2, 3, 4 in San Diego, CA

Success Stories From Live Event Weekend With Alicia Lynn Diaz




The Soul sometimes shares it's gifts in painful ways, maybe you can relate...


When I was in my early twenties I was running a physiology lab in New York City, teaching at NYU and the youngest faculty member at Adelphi University.  I thought I had a lot figured out about the body, and, honestly, I did know a lot.  I was running high, proud, working hard and receiving accolades and appreciation from my peers, colleagues, family and friends.  


And, I was totally disconnected from my body, and ohhh, did my body let me know...


I started to have tremendous digestive issues.  I would get headaches that felt incapacitating.  The pain and cramping became so severe that I would sometimes hide in my office and just wait for it to pass before I went back to work.  My body just seemed to be in absolute rebellion, and I - the physiologist - couldn’t figure out what was going on.


All I wanted to do is continue on my path of professional development and “get back to living my life”.


My soul had other plans for me.


This pain, these symptoms, this suffering was going to lead me on a journey that helped me access deep, hidden parts of myself, but also, experience the most profound healing. My soul needed me to learn these healing methods so that I could heal myself, but perhaps more importantly so that I could teach them to other people like me - maybe to you.


I started to study yoga and became fascinated with energy in the body and the role this energy played with not just our physical health but our emotions, mind and spirit.  I became fascinated with the ancient Indian medical art form known as Ayurveda.  I started to understand about the natural rhythms and cycles in the body and all of these things led me to such a profound gift...


I started to really listen to my body and hear the wisdom it was trying to share through these symptoms...


...and I realized that in this wisdom were my keys to healing.


This healing journey led me all over the world studying ancient medicine with modern masters.  When I studied with Dr. Naram, the Ayurvedic doctor to the Dalai Lama and Saint (Mother) Theresa in Mumbai, India I saw a gentle man cure (what are considered in the West) incurable diseases.  Most importantly to me is he did this as much with his big, beautiful, wide open heart as he did with his mind that was filled with centuries of texts on herbs and healing.


I needed to see this.  


After all the doctors I had seen in New York City, I needed to believe that there were healers that gave out love, compassion and presence just as frequently as tonics, tinctures and formulas.


Among other masters I studied with here in the States  I spent years with a modern master, Dr Vasant Lad. He helped me unlock my essence as a healer - my secret magic - the deep and profound role that the soul plays in healing.


The secret that most people with chronic illnesses (and even some healers) don’t know is that sickness is often a call to greatness.  Your body is trying, desperately, to let you know that something is wrong and “that something” is that you were born for more, and, it's time for you to embrace this call to be, feel and give more.


Over the years of helping people with all manner of illness, growth process, personal development, and spiritual evolution I’ve learned this. . .


The path of soul enlightenment is inherently healing, and true healing enlightens.


That’s why I’ve developed The Enlightened Body System™.


The Enlightened Body System™ helps to call forth the parts of you that are stuck in the shadows and holding you back from healing and growing.  It connects you to your higher self - the part of you that already has the answers.  It connects you to your bigger “why” - an energy source that, in and of itself, can fuel your healing and transformational process.


The Enlightened Body System™ is for those who know that there must be more, those that have tried everything ending in failure and for healers who know they have to learn a different way to share and be with their patients and clients.


The Enlightened Body System™ has been helping people all over the world and now it is coming right to San Diego - LIVE.


In Enlightened Body LIVE, I’m going to be sharing with you a profound framework and energetic experience that promises to be transformational - here’s what it’s all about... 

About Enlightened Body LIVE

Enlightened Body LIVE is the signature experience for healers, practitioners and health-enthusiasts who desire to deeply self-heal, integrate the soul into holistic healthcare and live out their higher purpose of helping others heal and awaken.


If you have a big inspiring vision to serve others, but fear your health and energy will hold you back, this event will show you how to reclaim your vitality throughout a lifetime and serve others from your overflow.


This event is about activating your quantum field of healing, your cellular memory of health beyond DNA, as well as reprogramming the subconscious mind and aligning your physical body so you are claiming sovereignty over your life and health.

Are You Ready To...

  • Feel energetic again and reclaim your body, health and VITALITY?
  • Stop allowing physical ailments to define you?
  • Release the energetic blocks that hold you back?
  • Release self-judgement and criticism and feel CONFIDENT and FREE?
  • Strengthen your intuitive connection and hear your INNER VOICE of wisdom crystal clearly?
  • Develop your spiritual gifts to provide more powerful healing to your clients?
  • Experience deep PEACE, TRUST and SAFETY in life?
  • Feel resilient throughout the ups and downs of life by optimizing your nervous system and DEEPENING your CONNECTION to yourself? 
  • Reliably access your soul gifts so you can give to others from a place of OVERFLOW instead of over-giving and getting depleted?
  • Harness the power of self-healing, for yourself and for the world?
  • BE THE LIGHT that illuminates the path for others?

Who This Event Is For...

This is for the Sacred Activists, the Health Enthusiasts, those who are here to Serve The World through their Wholeness.


It’s for men & women whose Spirit perseveres in the face of illness or challenge and who are fueled to make a difference in the world by living out their purpose.



This Event Is For You If...


You are ready to finally BE who you came here to BE...


... and live out your soul's greatest expression.

Let’s breakthrough the energy and illness that’s keeping you stuck and sick.


It’s time to up-level to HIGHER HEALING.

A Special Thank You To Some Of Our Awesome Event Sponsors...

Banyan Botanicals.  Our preferred supplier of the highest quality, organic and ethically sourced Ayurvedic herbs and education.
Suja Juice.  Organic cold pressed juices to keep you energized and hydrated.
Organic India.  Our source of genuine organic sacred Tulsi teas to relieve stress, increases energy and boost your natural immune system.
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What You'll Learn + Experience

  • 1

    Learn My 3 Phase Enlightened Body System to Master Your Own Self-Healing

    ACTIVATE your cellular intelligence,
    LIBERATE past trauma and limiting beliefs,
    ACTUALIZE your health + purpose.
    This process merges both the cognitive and emotional, the scientific and spiritual, the subtle and the material.  Throughout this process you receive embodied wisdom, not just knowledge or understanding, but a fully integrated experience of deep healing and soul awakening.
  • 2

    Discover Your Health Archetype

    Stop getting lost in the noise of all the conflicting health advice and information out there.  Not every diet or healing protocol is right for everyone.  Unlock greater health and confidence in your body by discovering your unique body-mind Health Archetype.
  • 3

    Unlock Your Soul Essence

    Uncover your specific soul essence - your unique magic - so you can truly get in touch with your higher purpose, your unique spiritual gifts and how you are specially designed to serve others.
  • 4

    Liberate Your Mind + Emotions

    Learn how to effectively release trauma from the system, clear the energetic root cause of illness and reprogram your subconscious mind to actualize your highest health potential.
  • 5

    Connect With Sacred Community

    Join this sacred, health-oriented community of like-minded health-enthusiasts and amplify your growth and live on purpose together.

Guest Speakers + Success Stories!

  • Dr Matt Kreinheder

    Dr. Matt’s focus is helping entrepreneurs and high performers step into the next level of who their soul is calling them to be.  Dr. Matt has been trained at the highest level of Network Spinal Analysis and mentored under Donny Epstein, one of the world’s most renowned healers. His focus is to serve the “Kings and Queens” – those people who are ready, willing and able to make a difference in the world and propel them into the new era of enlightened leadership.

  • Debbie Lichter

    For nearly a decade, Debbie Lichter has been working with women worldwide who struggle with their relationship with food, their bodies and themselves. As a health & fitness expert with 20 years experience, a women’s empowerment leader and a recovered food addict, Debbie has conducted over 200 workshops, trainings and classes on healing, empowerment, and addiction, and has cracked the code to getting free from food addiction in 6 months or less. Her big impact is in her ability to help the food issue just fall away, so you can be more present in your life, have more confidence and help more people.

  • Amateo Ra

    Amateo Ra is the CEO of Hivibe Studios, and Creator of the Ascension Academy and AmateoRa.com. He is a Top Coach for Conscious Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Healers who are looking to scale their impact and income to higher-level.


    He combines his long history of expertise in metaphysics, spirituality, business and coaching to create simple yet effective strategies for highly-scalable, high-vibe lifestyle businesses.  His greatest passion is helping humanity create a high-vibration reality.

  • Tyler Jensen

    "I was in tremendous pain and told I needed to be on an $800/month medication for the rest of my life.  Within 24 hours of my first session with Alicia, I felt 90% better.  It was quite incredible.  My health has increased to above what it was before I got sick.  I highly recommend working with Alicia as she has improved my health and transformed my life in many ways."

  • Mary Conley

    Alicia is my miracle worker! Within 5 days my daily stomach pain and irritable bowel problem stopped!!  Oh, and as a side bonus, I lost 35 lbs and feel like a young 30 yr. old again.

  • Dr Amanda Ramirez

    "Alicia has become an invaluable resource in my life.  She truly helped me heal from the inside out- My digestion improved, my energy levels increased,  my skin is more radiant, and overall I feel more in tune with the rhythms of my own body. As a doctor of physical therapy and yoga instructor, I have a solid foundation in how to lead a healthy, mindful lifestyle, but Alicia's guidance has helped me reach a new level of wellness."

Hi, I’m Alicia Lynn Diaz.

I’m a Life Transformation Expert.  

As a Holistic Health Practitioner and Soul Visionary, I support healers and health-enthusiasts to activate their innate intelligence, liberate their mind and emotions and boost their energy and vitality for life.

What I’m really passionate about is uplifting the holistic healthcare paradigm by integrating the soul and helping people actualize their higher purpose to transform the world.

I was mentored by the world renowned Dr Vasant Lad and Dr Pankaj Naram (Ayurvedic doctor to the Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa) and through my experience as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Clinical Exercise Physiologist, I merge the approaches of Eastern wisdom and Western science into self-healing.

I’m looking for the next group of healers and health-enthusiasts who are ready to activate their innate self-healing power, experience confidence and freedom in the their body, mind and spirit and serve the planet through their wholeness.

Let’s rise together!

JOIN Enlightened Body LIVE!

December 2, 3, 4 in San Diego, CA
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EVENT VALUE is $1997
Actual Ticket Price only $297